Saturday, February 5, 2011

Intro to myself and the blog!

Hi everyone,

Well, I'll start off with my own info. My name is Scott, and I'm currently in my final semester of a business and economics undergraduate degree in Canada. I'm very interested in entrepreneurship and finance, so don't be surprised if the majority of posts fall under those sections! In particular, I will largely be focusing on the art and science of Value Investing. Don't worry though, I'll try to also post about topics such as marketing, human resources, commercial law, and more!

Every now and then I will also throw in an analysis of current events or news(i.e. an analysis of the economy on a macro level and some expectations that we can reasonably expect, OR when a news release is made by a company, I'll comment on some implications, consequences, etc of it.)

So, now for some logistics. My postings will depend on when I get time away from homework and my personal business ventures (planning stages right now for a couple ventures!).

Be aware, sometimes the information that I give will be only relevant for Canada, and sometimes only for USA (taxes, regulations, etc sometimes differ.)

I will get my very basic intro to business post up tonight. Be prepared people, we will be getting deep into some topics - make sure you keep up with my posts!


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